Thursday, March 31, 2011

keeping it fresh

a few nights ago, fly boy and i got into a "discussion" while going to bed.  i tend to get frustrated when he goes to bed before me and only takes the pillows off on his side of the bed.  this was one of those nights.  i may have overreacted a little.  in my mind, at the time, i took him leaving the pillows on my side of the bed to mean "i don't care if you sleep next to me, you can just sleep in the guest room for all i care."  ridiculous, i know.   i'd like to think i was tired and grumpy, and that was why i was getting so aggravated, not because i actually think fly boy doesn't want me to sleep in the same bed as him.  at the time, i argued with fly boy, "what am i supposed to think?  do you think leaving the pillows on my side makes me want to come to bed?  it makes a statement!"  like i said, ridiculous.

inspired by one of my friends from college ....saved by the nap, i thought this might be the perfect opportunity to try to "keep our marriage fresh."

the next day, fly boy came home to our newly designed bed...

yep.  i found every pillow in the house and put it on his side of the bed.  just to make my own lil' statement.

how inviting is it now, fly boy?

fortunately for me, fly boy got a kick out of my little practical joke. this may be the start to a fun new aspect of our marriage.  bring it, fly boy.  :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

epic fail

i love the foodnetwork.
on the foodnetwork, i love love barefoot contessa and paula deen.
i also love elephant ears.

the other week, ina was doing a french dinner, including elephant ears for dessert.  she made it look so easy (surprise surprise...) so i thought i could just remember her recipe and make them one day.

i tried.
and failed.

while my (our) dear friend megan has been visiting us this weekend, i decided to give it the old college try one more time.  we had a little more success this go around.

morale of the story...

megan makes everything better.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lucy lu

i'm becoming one of those dog owners.
i adore my puppy, lucy lu.  and i love taking pictures of her.  i take lots of pictures of her. 
it boarders on obsession.
i know, it's a problem.
but she is so stinkin' could you not be obsessed with her??

i mean really.
i just love her.

we've been taking her to obedience school for the last 8 weeks.  it's been a journey, to say the least.  fortunately, there are two other golden retrievers that are only 3 weeks older than lucy in the class with us.  they are totally bffs.  moose has 20 lbs on lucy: he's going to be huuuuuuge, i mean billy fuccillo huuuuuuge.  cede is just 5 lbs bigger than lucy, they adore each other.  moose however, is the "golden" golden.  he does EVERYTHING perfectly.  lucy and cede usually stay after class for some extra-help. i won't say that my dog is slow, but, i don't know that she is going to be joining mensa anytime soon.

we have our final class next week, and will have a final exam.  today, we were told that the top four dogs from the class will win a prize.  obviously moose will take one of the prizes, he can do no wrong.  lucy, on the other hand, has some practicing to do this week. 

i know the point of taking obedience classes is so that your dog is well-behaved.  i know.  but as soon as the instructor told us there would be a final exam, and we will loose points for each time we have to correct our dogs, the class changed.  it wasn't not about lucy anymore.  it's about doing well on this stupid final.  (but i'm not competitive at all...haha, right...)  its about being one of those top four dogs, really wanting to be number 2 (there is no chance lucy will perform better than moose, i'm just being realistic here.)  so now lucy and i will spend at least an hour a day practicing for this final.  i will let you know next wednesday how it goes.  it will not be for lack of effort if she doesn't do well.  and i am not below with-holding my love for her if she doesn't do well.  (just kidding...kind of.)

regardless, she will still hold the title of cutest puppy in my book.  no matter how she does on the final. that i will give her.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


we're newlyweds.
we've been married just over four months now, and we're still learning how to be married.  (though i have a feeling even after we've been married for fifty years we are still going to be figuring out the marriage thing.)  it's funny the things you learn about each other by living together that you didn't know before. 

for instance, fly boy and i have very different ways of folding socks.  since i haven't been working, i've assumed a lot of the household responsibilities, including laundry.  pilots in the military have these thick black socks that they wear every day.  they take forever to dry and they're so bulky i had a hard time folding them. i hate am completely indifferent to these socks.  but apparently i was folding them incorrectly.

we may have gotten into a heated discussion about how to fold socks.  i may have overreacted.  mainly, i was frustrated at these stupid socks; i would leave fly boy's laundry folded nicely on his side of the bed, then catch him refolding his already folded socks. after i had cooled off, fly boy taught me how to properly fold his socks.  we don't argue about it anymore. i still fold my socks into nice neat little balls, i now fold his socks so that the top doesn't "stretch out."

so when people ask what our first argument was as newlyweds, i have to answer "socks."

seriously, socks.

Monday, March 21, 2011

day two.

i have twenty-six minutes to get a post in before day two is over.

so i'm going to do exactly what every teacher tells you not to do.  yep.  i'm cheating.  (kind of)...i'm going to post a picture i didn't take today.  i took it on our honeymoon.  our wedding rings.

i know, it's only day two and i've already cheated.
don't judge.

i have a good excuse for was a little busy.  after three months of living in delaware, i finally got a job! 
*pause for a mini dance party*
words cannot describe how excited i am.  three months of unpacking/organizing/job searching/writing wedding thank-yous/procrastinating writing wedding thank-yous/watching horrible daytime tv really got to me.  starting friday, no more daytime tv.  cheers!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

day one.

i'm not a good blogger.
i have great intentions.  but i'm not very good at execution.

consider this my attempt at redemption.  my attempt to at least achieve half (this may be optimistic) of my "great intentions."

my husband, fly boy, says that i need to have a "theme" to my blog.  (i don't think he means the pink and green "southern girl" theme i picked from  i don't have a theme.  i don't really want to have a theme.  i like to write, i like to take pictures and i am going to use this as an outlet for said likes.  i do however, want to post one picture a day as i try to improve my photography skills.  we will see how that goes.

we had some dear friends visit us this weekend.    laura is due in less than a month.  her husband is an incredible photographer, but as the daddy, he will not be able to take the newborn family pictures.  laura emailed me and asked if i would be willing to do it.*  i was thrilled.  we decided that i could take a few pregnancy pictures this weekend while chris imparted some of his photography wisdom on me.  here are a few of my favorites from the "session."
*disclaimer...i'm not a professional, i wouldn't even call it a hobby, just an enthusiast.