Sunday, July 10, 2011


in about 6 short weeks we will pack everything we own in brown boxes, entrust all our possessions to some big brawny men in jumpsuits who drive a massive truck and make the long trek from delaware to florida.
6 weeks.
that's 42 days.
less than two months.
i haven't even begun to think about packing everything, i feel like we just were able to unpack everything from the wedding!

that being said, my bestest friend and her husband are coming to visit next weekend.  it's their first trip to delaware and i'm pretty excited to say the least.  not that she will care, but i've been looking around the house noticing all the small things i want to fix up before they see our house.  all these details are just personal touches, not changes that actually NEED to be made to the house before we move.  nonetheless, i want it to be, well, perfect.

case in point.  for christmas, my parents gave us the matching nightstands for our bedroom set.  they didn't arrive until late april when fly boy was out on a mission.  i rearranged the room to fit the new furniture, but had to move fly boy's dresser.  i wasn't sure if he would like the new arrangement, so i didn't want to move all the picture frames, spackle and paint just to have to move it back if fly boy wanted to keep it the way we originally had the room set up.

this was late's now mid july...
the furniture was kept the way i moved it.
and i still haven't moved the picture frames.

every morning, i look at it, and think, i really need to move those before karina gets here.
have i done anything?
she gets here in five days.

i am considering making sweetly asking fly boy to move them this week.
6 weeks before we move.
which means we will have to spackle and paint this week, then again in 6 weeks when we move.

ridiculous, right? (the pictures, not me...)
and totally worth the extra spackling/painting.