Tuesday, April 24, 2012

charlotte one month

i'm a little late getting charley's one month pictures up.  surprise surprise.

to be honest, i wasn't thrilled with the pictures, and was hoping to get some new shots.  as we are now a few days shy of her two month shoot, i think i missed my window.

one month milestones:

  • personality: i'm pretty sure charlotte has inherited my slight tendency of stubbornness and cleanliness.  this has manifested in her very particular routine with diapers.  the instant she even the slightest wet diaper it's a full out, top of her lungs scream-fest until she is changed.  literally the moment i get the wet diaper off, she stops screaming and is fine.  it's quite comical to watch the process.  i need to video tape it one of these days.
  • sleeping: charley started sleeping through the night at 4 weeks.  anywhere between 6 and 11 hours.  to be honest, the first time she slept 11 hours i went to double check that she was still breathing.  we are very lucky.  i don't know if she will continue to sleep like this, but i am enjoying it while it lasts.
  • moving: she rolled over at a mere 6 days old.  fly boy and i were thrilled, and even caught it on video.  when we had our one week appointment, our pediatrician popped our oversized proud-parent bubble.  apparently charley only rolled over because she was so small.  sure enough, once she started gaining some weight, she wasn't able to just turn her head and have her body follow.  guess we don't have a child prodigy after all.
  • clothes: she has graduated from premie clothes to newborn.  she was 8 lbs 6 oz at her one month appointment.  i know she will continue to grow, but the 3 month clothes look HUGE!
  • smiling: charley has smiled a handful of times (though i'm pretty sure it was just gas) but hasn't really smiled at anything or anyone yet.
  • daily schedule: charley wakes up somewhere between 4AM and 8AM.  she eats, plays for a little bit and goes back to sleep by 9AM.  for the rest of the morning/afternoon she is on a 2(ish) hour rotation of eating/playing/sleeping.  around 10PM she is asleep for the night.  i keep saying, i know this isn't a schedule schedule, but i love the schedule we are on.
  • lucy: ADORES her new sister.  she is so good with charley.  we had to scold her a few times to not lick charley, but she caught on very quickly.  i was wondering if she would be attached at the hip to charley, but she seems to do her own thing until charley cries, then she is very concerned and lets me know.
  • fly boy: could not love his daughter any more.  i think he is enjoying being the king (of the mottet house.) 

most of the time i was taking pictures, charley was doing this...

getting bigger!

i love these toes.

Monday, April 23, 2012

pretty in pink nursery

charley's nursery has been a work in progress for several months.  immediately after we found out we were having a "she" i started the planning.  i did not start designing a nursery before we found out it was a girl.  nor did i actually start planning the nursery before we knew we were pregnant.  and i am NOT one of those people who starts planning a baby room before she is married/has even met the guy she is going to marry... 

disclaimer: i have totally exceeded the socially acceptable number of pictures for one post.  consider yourself warned.

it started as storage...

and a totally unorganized mess of a closet...

then fly boy started on the crib (lucy helped)...

and refinishing the dresser/changing table

and now...the finished product.

my personal favorite part of the nursery.  the glider!

my old toy box my dad built (and fly boy repainted) with a new cushion custom made by one of my friends here in florida.

charley LOVES the mobile

craft letters and paper from the paper source

John 10:14&15 - the theme for the nursery

the now organized closet (thanks to fly boy.  i can take no credit for this one.)

sweet dreams print from JDC

and last but certainly not least...what is now lucy's rug

even though charley isn't sleeping in her nursery yet, i am certain she has already noticed all the thought, love and care that went into each small detail in her room.  she is after all a very advanced 8 week old.*

*dear fly boy, 
please don't EVER let me turn into one of those parents.