Wednesday, February 22, 2012

midweek confessions: pre-baby

i'm going a little stir-crazy, so it seems like a good week to link up with e, myself & i

- baby girl is officially 6 days late.  i swear i am not going crazy-crazy.  i still feel good, just trying to be patient.  

- i'm not very gifted in the "patience" department.  

- my our house has never been cleaner, nor do i think it will ever be this clean again.  i would SO pass my brother's white glove test.  

- though i realize i will be eating my words in a few days once this girl does arrive, i still feel like i should be trying to get some kind of part-time job.  i have too much time on my hands.  and i can't wait to be able to fit into all the adorable spring clothes that are coming out...a little extra spending cash might be nice.

- i have this totally unrealistic idea that baby girl and i are going to get into a perfect rhythm only a few days after we come home from the hospital.  eat, wake/play time, sleep repeat.  i have purposely not factored in the hours of hysterical screaming i blessed my own mother with.  positive thinking.  we'll see how that goes.
- i gave up law & order for lent.  sounds ridiculous, i know.  but i've become addicted.  i went on a law & order marathon yesterday, and realized i have become so addicted that i actually got bored of it last night. that's way too much law & order. 

- we did a "baby pool" with friends and family to guess the baby's arrival time and date.  two so called "friends" guessed the 29th because it would be "cool" to have a baby on leap-year.  the 29th, really?  that's 13 days past the due date.  who does that?  who wishes that on your friend?!  i am thinking of not claiming these two individuals as friends anymore.*

- i LOVE this time of year, for one reason and one reason only: cadbury mini-eggs.  not the gross ones with the cream-filled centers.  the straight up chocolate ones with the candy shell.  i could eat the whole bag in one day.  therefore i am cashing in my "pregnancy" card to devour as much of this sweet chocolate as my heart desires.  and i'm not going to feel guilty.

- i found this picture of lucy on my camera.  it's not in focus nor a "great" picture by any means, but i can't help but laugh when i look at it.  i am still hoping that we do not become one of those families that neglects our dog once we have a baby.  fly boy is adamant that lucy will not become a "second-class citizen."

- i am hoping my next post will be to announce the arrival of baby girl.

*disclaimer: both "friends" are boys.  one of which is not a father yet.  i will be patiently waiting his apology once his own wife goes through 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

40 weeks and 2 days

top ten frequently asked questions i have gotten this week/recently:

1. any baby yet?
no, no baby yet.

somehow it doesn't surprise me.  when we had the ultra-sound to find out if it was a girl or boy, we were at the appointment for almost two hours because this baby was so stubborn and wouldn't move into a position for technician to get all her measurements.  after only 15 minutes of trying, fly boy looked at me and said, "i know it's a girl, she's being as stubborn as her mother!"  turns out he was right.

so if we know this child is so stubborn, why would she come "on time?" 

2.  are you going crazy waiting?
actually, i'm not going crazy, yet, or even feel that uncomfortable.  i think it's going to be a while.

(as i write that, i can't help but think, famous.last.words.)

this pregnancy thing has certainly proven one thing ... the lack of any self-awareness instincts i have.
and that fly boy is more in tune with my body than i am.

example 1: rewind 7 months to a conversation between fly boy and me...
fly boy: i think you might be pregnant.
me: there is no way i am pregnant.  i would know if i was pregnant. 
fly boy: i still think you are pregnant.  humor me, take a pregnancy test.
...ten minutes later...
me: ....i guess you were right...i'm pregnant...

example 2: this past monday night...
me: i have had horrible gas all day.
fly boy: are you sure it's not contractions?
me: i would know if i was having contractions.  these are not contractions.  i think something is wrong. (in my head, i was thinking i might be dying.)
fly boy: ok.  but i still think it might be contractions.
a few hours later the pain hasn't gone away, so off we go to the hospital...
turns out, i was having contractions.

3.  is the nursery done?
basically.  we have a few more things to hang on one wall.  so i don't want to post pictures until it is totally finished.  i'm not too concerned if it actually gets done before she is born, or shortly there after.  she won't have to sleep in a sock drawer, so we have that going for us.

4.  do you have a name picked out?
we do.  we are waiting to reveal the name until she is born.

5.  have you taken any birthing classes?
we did a crash course in the bradley method.  after the class, i was all gung-ho for a natural birth.  after monday night, i've had some second thoughts.  so we'll just wait and see.

6.  have you prepared lucy for the baby?
i talked to our vet at her yearly check-up this week.  his only recommendation was to bring a blanket or piece of clothing from the baby home before we actually bring the baby home for lucy to get used to the smell.  i have a feeling she is going to be amazing with this little girl though.  she's been around her fair share of babies, and has done remarkably well.   i just know lucy and the baby are totally going to be bffs.

7.  is your mom coming in for the birth?
she is.  she's waiting to get a flight down to florida until we are on our way to the hospital.  my brother recently moved down here as well to start flight school. she'll spend some time with him while we are still in the hospital, and then will stay with us once we get back home and situated.  fly boy's mom is coming down in a few weeks as well.

8.  is fly boy ready?
ha.   he says no.  i say yes.  in reality, neither of us really know what we are getting ourselves into.  year two of marriage is off to a pretty good start, the next 9 months should be a crazy ride.

9.  are you ready?
as ready as i'm going to be.  bags are packed.  camera battery is charged. birth plan is done.  laundry (at least the essentials) is being kept up with.  the house is semi-clean (clean enough that i am not embarrassed to have people over, but not clean enough that i was able to pass my brother's white glove dust test on my window sills.)

10. what are you most nervous about?
honestly, that i bought too many newborn clothes but at the same time that i don't have enough newborn clothes.  also, that with all the heartburn i've had, that this girl could come out looking like an ape if heartburn is indicative of how much hair babies have. (even though i know it's really just an old wives still freaks me out a little to think about that much hair.)  i told fly boy, i would rather her be bald for the first two years than have a mop of hair when she is born.  vain.  i know.   and lastly, that the labor process is going to take something crazy like 72 hours.  that's a lot of contractions.

lucy, on the other hand, is ready.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ode to lucy

as i quickly approach the 38 week mark (tomorrow), i'm also quickly realizing how much life is going to change once we have baby girl.  of those big changes that will happen, i am also realizing how much lucy's life is going to change.  somehow, though i will always adore her, i don't think she will be the center of our lives (or my blog) anymore.  fly boy and i are both wishfully thinking that nothing will really change.  having a baby will not mean that lucy gets any less attention, right?.  ha.

so before the big debut of baby girl, i thought i would have at least one more post dedicated to little miss lucy.

a perk of living in florida...using our rocking chairs all winter long.

i can't help but laugh at lucy's side tongue.

another result of living in florida...needing a hair cut in january.  i think she lost 2 or 3lbs in hair.

she adores fly boy.  it's a little ridiculous.  and i don't get at all jealous.

oh lucy, how your life is about to change.