Sunday, February 23, 2014

kate - four months

four months.

60% for weight. 90% for height.  (not sure where she is getting her height, but man, she is tall!)  loves to bounce.  loves to be held. rolling over (when she really wants to.) watches her sister do everything. giggles at lucy. giggles when her daddy takes her flying. great sleeper, but not a great napper (i'll take it!) we love you, kate!

my personal favorite.  i can't get enough of her contagious smile

notice charley's little feet pitter pattering towards us...

charley wants to be wherever kate is.

the beginning of teething. no teeth yet, but this girl chews on everything!

Friday, February 21, 2014

kate - three months

three months.

first christmas. went on her first flight. saw her first snow. loves to be held. all smiles. giggles at her sister. trying hard to roll over. pushes up like a champ. we love you, kate!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

kate - two months

people told me when charley was just a few months old that i wouldn't take as many pictures of baby no. 2.  i told them they were crazy, of course i would.  this is me, swallowing my pride, and realizing they were right.  (sorry kate.)  i'm slowly catching up.

two months old.  sleeping through the night. only taking one nap a day. smiles and giggles. our chunky little chipmunk. 96% for height. 60% for weight. you bring joy into our lives, little kate. we love you!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

194 days

the best part of a six month deployment?  the homecoming.  our dear friend, Kelli Campbell, was kind enough to take pictures of fly boy's return.  words cannot express how grateful i am that she captured these moments.

these are the moments i want to remember and cherish.

thank you, kelli.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

25 years

i've been able to call her my best friend for 25 years. if this were our anniversary, it would be the year of silver. it started in 1st grade. i remember being her "appointed friend" to walk with her to the nurse's office when a stapler caught her finger. our teacher had no idea that one small act would lead to a lifetime of friendship. we stood by one another through the awkward middle school years (mine, not hers.) she is the reason i am a believer. we went to young life together, played softball together, and essentially took all the same classes in high school together. we went opposite directions for college and remained like sisters. for a short year, we lived 45 minutes apart in virginia post college, knowing it would likely be the closest we would live for years to come. i miss her.

back in october, she came to visit filling in some of the gap between when my mom left and when fly boy returned from the deployment. we cherish these trips. quality time. watching our children play. (and not so secretly hoping that maybe her son will some day marry one of my daughters.)

i'm flooding this post with pictures from her trip to florida.