Wednesday, September 11, 2013

because i can

because i can, a few more of charley's 18 month pictures.
i'm her mom, i get to do that.
and she is the one who made me a mama.
and a small part of me worries that when baby girl no. 2 comes instead of my heart growing bigger, i will have less room time to love my first little girl.

i know it's not rational, but every night when i kiss charley, i worry.  
i worry that because the girls will be so close in age i will run out of time for charley. 
i know it's irrational.
i know it's untrue.
but i still worry.

so i hug her a few extra seconds.
and give her an extra kiss goodnight.

she makes fly boy's deployment bearable.
she makes me smile when i want to cry.
she comes over, crawls in my lap, and gives me a hug when i do cry.

this little girl has no idea.
no idea the blessing she is in my life.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

charlotte 18 months

she is officially a toddler.
as evident by my chasing after charley all over the backyard just to grab a few pictures.

she loves her baby doll, aka "bebe." (good thing, since her baby sister will be here in a few short weeks!)
she loves to swim/bath time/anything with water.  and LOVES putting her face in the water to blow bubbles.
she has become more particular in what foods she will eat.  still no meat.  she will even go as far to separate out the bacon from her beans in her mouth, swallow the beans and spit out the bacon.  who does that?!
she LOVES lucy!  i think i have broken the adorable habit of charley riding lucy like a horse.  the two play for hours.  charley has recently taken to chasing lucy in circles around the family room. lucy loves it too.
all animals are "doggie."  i love it.
charley has almost mastered opening the pantry door by herself.  if i forget to close the door all the way, she has no problem walking in, getting whatever food she wants and bringing it to me.  oh boy.
God is certainly teaching me patience with this one. her toddler tantrums can be embarrassing.  we have left several establishments due to the on her back, kicking and screaming frenzy when she doesn't get her way.
she loves to be tickled and will request tickles at least once a day.  of course i oblige.  i can't get enough of her sweet laugh.

we are blessed with this little one!