Monday, March 4, 2013

the BIG birthday one

*disclaimer: this post exceeds my general 10 picture per post rule.  by a lot.  consider yourself warned.

charlotte's birthday party/birthday week was a huge success.
the weather cooperated with us for the party, allowing the kids play outside and most the grown-ups stay inside.
though i know charley won't remember this big bash, at least we have pictures to show how much we love her.  ;)

the theme was cute as a button.
though probably not obvious to our guests, i tried to have little button details on each decoration.

the happy birthday banner, hopefully it is general neutral enough that i can use it for future children's birthday, and fly boy's as well.

charley's smash cake.

monthly picture banner.

a few from the party...

getting ready for the cake, why not have a sip of daddy's beer first?

notice her left hand never moved from the cake.  i thought she would devour it, but she was quite lady-like.

opening a few presents...

the photobooth for our guests...

finally, on charley's actual birthday, opening some presents...

my personal favorite.