Thursday, May 8, 2014

baptism birthday bash galore part one

recently this has been a space for monthly updates on kate.  
there has been life outside of kate's monthly updates.
for example, back in february we had both sides of our family come to town for charley's birthday party and kate's baptism. thus earning the name "baptism birthday bash galore." while trying to plan a pinterest worthy two-year-old birthday party, i quickly realized the theme might better be charley's most favorite thing to do in the world...bowling! so we had a two-year-old birthday party at the bowling alley on base.  charley loved every minute of it. we loved having family and friends to celebrate with!

charley loves her "ell-lou"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

kate - six months

six months. half a year. 
it's going so much faster the second time around.

she's sitting.
and rolling over.  all.over.
she has her first tooth coming in.
where did my baby go?

my personal favorite.