Thursday, August 15, 2013

nesting phase

*i'm sorry for the two month unintentional break*

with six weeks to go before the arrival of baby girl no. 2, i am officially in the nesting phase.  i have a to-do list mapped out in the office of everything i would like to accomplish while i am still a mom of one.  on the top of my list is was to paint our piano.

it's the piano i grew up with.  i still remember when i was five and wanted to take piano lessons, my parents took me to pick out our piano.  i was set on a baby grand piano, at five.  ridiculous. i know. the salesman was smart, very smart, and amidst my fit over wanting the baby grand, played the theme to sesame street on the piano my parents were more inclined to purchase.  i was hooked.  if the piano could play can you tell me how to get to sesame street, i NEEDED to have that exact piano.

fast forward twenty+ years later.  my very generous parents said i could have the piano, and would even move it from new york to florida.  i cannot wait for charley to learn to love music on the same piano i did.  i wasn't however, as enamored with the look of the piano.  thus began the idea to paint the piano.  

shorty after we found out fly boy would be deployed for six months, i thought the piano would be the perfect deployment project.  i don't think fly boy actually thought i would get it done, but here we are, with a newly painted and back in the house piano.  i'm thrilled with the results!

AND i get the satisfaction of checking one of my to-do boxes off the list.