Sunday, June 16, 2013

father's day

in the land of woulda coulda shoulda, i would have sent fly boy a father's day package that should have arrived before today.  his next care package (including his father's day card) is still sitting in neatly stacked piles on top of his dresser.  i also would have sent my dad his father's day card and come up with a thoughtful gift.  neither of which i have done.

i'm thankful both fly boy and my dad will not take it personally that i have procrastinated yet again.

while i didn't get cards or packages sent out, i was able to put together a little video for fly boy.

happy father's day!  we love you and miss you!

*the password is my maiden name

Thursday, June 6, 2013

thankful thursdays no. 2

Sitting in the back corner of the local coffee shop, trying to both enjoy the time to myself and be productive with my schoolwork, I find myself distracted.  Charley is happily home playing with a babysitter for the afternoon while I grab a few hours to catch up on grad school homework.  I get through a few paragraphs of my textbook before I am moved to tears.  As I read an excerpt about a mother of little girl with autism depicts her struggle to manage a 45-minute plane ride with the snide remarks from other passengers, I start to think how blessed I am.  Wasn’t it just three days ago, I found myself in a similar, yet vastly different position?  Traveling by myself with my 15-month old, 23 weeks pregnant desperately wishing that my husband were by my side certainly was not my ideal travel circumstance.  Yet, I’m struck, it could have been so much more difficult.  While the travel may have been inconvenient, I am blessed with a wonderful, loving and supportive husband, a healthy daughter, a community of friends, family in Florida, New York and Ohio, and above all else, my God who unconditionally loves and forgives me.   It was a gentle reminder of all I have to be thankful for this week…

-I am thankful for Charley, and the joy she brings to my life everyday.  Today, for instance, she discovered that she could crawl in and sat inside the rolling bins under her play table.  Charley spent a good fifteen minutes climbing in and out, pulling toys out, and then bringing them back in with her.  It was adorable.
-I am thankful for an amazing and supportive family and military family.
-I am thankful for a best friend that I can talk to for over an hour on a Thursday morning. One that my heart aches to live in the same town as, but we still can share the intimate details of life together.
-I am thankful for a loving husband who daily encourages me. 
-I am thankful for the strength of our marriage.  That not only do I miss fly boy, but I notice his absence in the small things each day.  I am better, more complete, person/wife/mom when he is here.  This time apart only continues to affirm our marriage, the merging of two lives to one, that two flesh indeed become one. 
-I am thankful for how sweet fly boy’s homecoming will be.  And that I can look forward to that day as it grows closer with each passing hour.