Monday, May 28, 2012

charlotte three months

three months.

she is becoming more and more of a person each day. a person who will crawl, walk and talk.  someday defy me.  tell me no.  fall down and scrape her knee.  fall in love.  get married... ahh, i'm getting a little ahead of myself...

back to the present...
  • personality - charley smiles, a lot.  she giggles.  she loves it when we make faces at her and tickle her feet.  we have long in depth conversations about the meaning of life.  she gets frustrated as she has learned to pull out her pacifier and can't quite get it back in her mouth herself.  i have a feeling this girl is going to be a social butterfly.  she hasn't met a person she doesn't love, and always wants to be apart any conversation (including dinner time.)
  • moving - charley still hates (with a passion) tummy time.  she has however, figured out how to rotate around her play mat, scooch from one end to another in her crib, and loves loves LOVES to stand up (with the help of a supervised adult).  i joke to fly boy that though she doesn't seem to have much interest in crawling, or doing the "baby push-ups" the "books" say they should be doing by now, maybe she will bypass crawling and just start walking.  hah.
  • clothes - mostly 3 months.  some 3-6 month clothes.  (even some 6-9 month clothes...crazy manufactures)
  • daily schedule - we are still blessed with an amazing sleeper.  she has started getting up once during the night to eat, but will go right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours.  she takes a few cat naps during the day, but pretty much is awake all day.
  • lucy - i've been wondering if she would ever want to sleep in charley's room.  last night was the first night she did.  i went in around 4:30 to feed charley, lucy in tow.  when i went back to bed, lucy had no intentions of following me, and slept the rest of the night by charley's crib.  seriously, they are going to be bffs.
  • fly boy - charley and fly boy play air plane at least three times a day.  this consists of fly boy holding charley on her stomach and zooming around the house, calling out "take off," "low level," "guns, guns, guns" and "gear flaps clear to land."  i love it.  i really need to get it on video.
happy three months sweetie!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

midweek confessions

its that time of the week again...thanks E Myself and I for the link-up

- today's to-do list has gone to the wayside.  i've spent most of the day in the glider in charley's nursery rocking her.  we have officially hit the 2 month fussy peak (at least i sure hope this is the peak!)

- i'm thankful to have an excuse to not do everything on my list and have to cuddle/rock charley all day.

- a friend invited me over for dinner tonight and i offered to make dessert.  because of said fussiness my "homemade" dessert is going to consist of going to publix and picking up a cake. ugh.

- i think "cool moms" use cloth diapers.  i so want to be one of those "cool moms."  unfortunately my "i hate to be wet for more than five seconds" daughter still goes through 16 diapers per day...there is no way i can do that much extra laundry each day.  i'll have to hold off on being a "cool mom" for now.

- i have changed charley's diaper no less than 3 times while trying to write this post.

- the only "perfume" i have been wearing for the last two months is baby milk...and i think it smells pretty good.

- i'm embarrassed i actually wrote that last confession.

- i know i use quotations way too much.  but i have no plans of limiting my use of quotations.

- my shoe size has gone up at least a half size since per-pregnancy.   i almost cried when i was trying on my spring/summer shoes and realized half of them don't fit.  i'm have no intention of giving them away yet...maybe my feet will go back to normal (but probably not.)  here's to hoping!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pinterest love

i love pinterest.
it's almost become an obsession (thanks to the pinterest app on my phone...)
but with hundreds of "likes" and repins, i've never actually made anything i claim i will.

until today...

this was the first time i have actually pinned something and then tried it...
and it was a success!

charley has already accumulated way too many headbands that were a mess in her dresser.
using an oatmeal container and some cute paper i made a headband holder in 10 minutes during charley's nap this afternoon.

the best part is while all her headbands won't fit on the outside, i can store all her hair clips and extra headbands inside.

love it!
thank you pinterest!

Monday, May 7, 2012

monday letters

i've seen a few blogs do the "letters" and loved the idea...

dear monday,
thank you for going by quickly today.  i know i don't like you, and really, it's not your fault. you just always come after sunday, and sunday happens to be my second favorite day.

dear weekend,
please get here quickly.  i can't wait to see fly boy. 

dear charley,
when you were screaming at the top of your lungs for what seemed like an eternity this morning, i realized i love you more today than i did yesterday.  i didn't think that was possible. 
ps: thank you for taking an unexpected afternoon nap so i could write a blog.  you are the best little girl a mama could ask for.

dear future charley,
i can't wait for you to take ballet lessons.  plan on me taking a million pictures.  probably more like two or three million.

dear starbucks blondie k-cup,
i couldn't live without you.

dear target,
i love that you are less than 5 miles door to door from our house.  fly boy and our bank account probably don't.

dear baby weight,
you have been residing on me for several months.  i'm ready to say good-bye.  could you at least make your final departure before charlotte's baptism when a million pictures will be taken?  thank you in advance.

dear apple flips and elephant ears from publix,
you are not helping me loose the baby weight!  stop tasting so good, please!

dear laundry,
i am not sure how each time i think i have caught up, you seem to make a bigger pile in my hamper.  i'm not a fan.

dear lucy,
if little miss charlotte can sleep until 6:30 AM, i think you should too.  5AM is too early.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

charlotte two months

two months.
seriously.  how has it been two months?
don't mind me while i gush over my little girl for a bit...
  • personality: charley is cooing and oohing.  i can't get enough of it, and LOVE our little "conversations."  she is also into this fun screaming phase.  that i could do without.  she looks me in the eye and doesn't stare into space like she did when she was first born.  i fall more in love with this girl everyday.  fly boy and i make fun of her different cries, imitating them to her and each other...i'm not sure at what age she will start to internalize what we perceive as funny and realize we are mocking her...hopefully not yet.
  • moving: she still hates tummy time.  with a passion.  she loves kicking and splashing in the bath tub though.  this girl is going to be a natural swimmer...i can feel it.
  • clothes: officially in the 3 month clothes.  at her two month check-up, charley was 10lbs 5 oz and 23 inches...that's 4lbs and 4 inches bigger than at birth.  crazy.  her doctor called her a chunker...then corrected himself and said she was just fine.  i say, wear those rolls proudly charley, it's cute and i love it.  (and in 16 years, it probably won't be quite so socially acceptable....)
  • smiling: it started when i was in syracuse, and she smiles more and more each day.  i can't get enough!
  • daily schedule:  we really have the golden child when it comes to sleeping/her schedule.  charley goes to bed between 7:30 and 9 and will sleep anywhere between 6 and 11 hours straight.  she takes a long nap around noonish and a few cat naps during the day.  i know we are lucky.  very lucky.  i am positive this is God's way of telling me how much He loves me: by giving me a child that sleeps throughout the night while my husband is gone.  God really loves me. 
  • lucy: still loves her sister.  i can't wait until charley is older and can really "play" with lucy more.  my parents' golden retriever, molly, got visibly upset anytime charley was fussy...she brought her toys over one by one until the crying subsided.  i wish i had a video of it.
  • fly boy: unfortunately, fly boy has been in alabama for the last month.  he left the day before charley's one month birthday, and won't be back for another few weeks.  but, we've been lucky enough to see him on most weekends.  he cannot believe the changes from week to week.  she adores her father.  i have no doubt she will be, if not already is, a daddy's girl.

and last but not least, my personal favorite...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

midweek confessions: infant edition

i'm linking up with e myself and i for some midweek confessions

- fly boy and i have started referring to charley's pacifier as "the plug."  i have no intentions of calling it anything else.

- i give charley the plug everytime she fusses before i actually pick her up in hopes that she will magically calm down.  it works approximately 13% of the time, but i am a die-hard optimistic.

- while fly boy is out of town for some training for 8 weeks, every morning when i hear sweet charley screaming to let me know she has woken up, i sometimes usually roll over and pray that she goes back to sleep for a few more minutes.  it has yet to work, but again, i'm optimistic.

- i count taking charley's two month pictures (coming soon) and folding laundry together as "quality girl time."

- when the plug, rocking, swaying, the swing, the bouncer and the ergo would not sooth charley, i opted for the guaranteed-stop-all-crying car ride today.  i was meeting my brother for lunch, but left an extra 15 minutes early to drive around and make sure that she fell asleep before arrive at the restaurant.

- i have fallen in love with a new blog, and got some GREAT ideas for my future sister-in-law's wedding shower this summer.  for the first time in my life i am ahead of the game in planning!  it.feels.great.  but...i'm pretty sure i will go back to my old ways of procrastination soon.

- i'm trying to finish this post with a screaming baby on my lap...bouncing her with one hand and typing with the other.

i think its pretty obvious i have a new baby...