Sunday, September 2, 2012

charlotte 6 months

6 months.

my infant has officially grown into a baby.
a rolling like it's her job, babbling a storm, sitting up on her own baby.
  • personality - charley has started to show her short temper.  she is still 90% a very sweet's the 10% when she is not happy, she will let you know it.  i have no idea where she can get her impatience from...certainly it must be from her father...
  • moving - this girl can roll with the best of them.  she has can pretty much get wherever she wants by rolling.  gone are the days where i could put her in one place, leave the room, and come back to her in the same spot.
  • clothes - right on track in mostly 6 month clothes and a few 6-9 months.
  • daily schedule - she still sleeps well at night.  the naps during the day seem to chance on a daily basis.  sometimes i think she is moving towards two naps a day, sometimes she clearly needs three.  
  • fly boy - still a daddy's girl in every way, shape and form.