Sunday, August 26, 2012

charley's first bananas

charley is 6 months today.
we gave her a bowl of bananas for her half birthday.
she was not pleased.

we will try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

what's in a name

this story has been 85 years in the making.

85 years ago, my grandmother, caryl lee was born.
57 years ago, my mother, candace lee was born.
29 years ago i, caryn lee, was born.
5 months ago, my daughter, charlotte lee was born.

four generations of "c lee"s.

growing up, i hated my name.
i hated having a name that was so similar to my mom's.
i hated that "carey" was not a normal nickname for "caryn."
i hated that my grandfather could never get my name right on the first try, calling me "caryl lee, canda,  no, carey."
i didn't get it.
i didn't get the weight that it carried.  the legacy.  the love that was shown in choosing my name.

it wasn't until college that i started to fall in love with my name.  and love being a "c lee."
it was also in college that i decided i wanted to name my daughter a "c lee' name.

i had a few names in mind, but always came back to charlotte.
after fly boy and i got married, i told him the "c lee' names i had picked out for our first daughter.  i told him he could pick from my list of pre-approved names.  luckily he loved "charlotte" as much as i did.  i think we had her named picked out on the honeymoon.

my great-grandmother had no idea when she chose the name for her second daughter, it would be the beginning of a legacy it has become.  but i am thankful for her, for the way she raised my grandmother, and in turn for the way my grandmother raised my mom.

the bar has been set high for me.  for the way i raise my daughter.  to know the line of women she comes from.  strong women.  to know what she has inherited; the things she should cherish, and the things to set aside.

it was almost a year ago we found out that we were having a girl.
it was only a few hours after we found out i told my mom i wanted to get pictures of the four generations.
the talented rebecca ondrey came over to my parents house last month to get the pictures.  i couldn't be more excited for the way they came out.

four generations.

charley's great-grandmother, grandmother, godmother and mother.


sweet moments with her meme.

the sister i have always wanted, and now have thanks to my brother picking an amazing wife.

godmother and god-daughter

i can't get enough of this smile and her laugh.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

syracuse recap part II

part two

some of the outtakes from charley's five month pictures...

 charley's first boat ride

meeting nana (gigi) for the first time...

beautiful family pictures by rebecca...

dad's flight on a b17 got canceled due to maintenance. ..

but he did get a picture!

The Godfather, aka Jon, and Charley got some quality time together....

Charlotte "Charley" x2

i love this face.

molly girl

at the rehearsal dinner


my favorite picture from the brunch after the wedding...thanks uncle peter!

thanks baylis & mary wynne for loving charley so well all weekend!

on the plane back to florida.