Monday, August 25, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

kate - ten months

the black and white post.
here we are. 10 months. the time when i realize i need to start thinking about her birthday that is coming up in 6 short weeks...

while i was uploading pictures for this post, and walked away for TWO SECONDS to plug in my computer, my sweet little 10 month old decided now would be a good time to try my her first mocha...

i opted to not take a picture of her chocolate covered face or the chocolate covered carpet that i spent the last 20 minutes cleaning. but i think you can imagine the look on her face, smeared in mocha from ear to ear, when i took my mug away from her. that look, as if to say, "how have you been hiding this wonderful goodness from me for the last 10 months?!" so much for not eating refined sugar until her first birthday. this is what happens when you are no. 2.

i think we might be in trouble with this one...

don't let her big brown eyes or her adorable little laugh fool you. she is all over the place. she walks/crawls where she wants to go and gets into whatever she can get her tiny little hands into:  including, but not limited to chewing on lucy's toys, pulling dirt out of plants, and taking her sister's beloved blanket. 

we love you, sweet kate. even when you drink mama's coffee.