Saturday, April 27, 2013


it's been a crazy time of year.
but crazy wonderful.

over the last two months, we have had a lot of company.
all family.
from syracuse and columbus.
and have loved every minute of it.

these are the times that i wish we lived closer to both families.
it's such a blessing to have these sweet visits,
i just wish we could see everyone more often.

Friday, April 19, 2013

charlotte one year

i'm over a month almost two months late getting all of charley's 12 month pictures.
surprise surprise.
this one keeps us busy.
and i'm getting little lazy.
(i think any subsequent children may not have the "ode to ___ blog" that charley has enjoyed this last year...)

i did take a few pictures right around her one year mark.

then some around 13 months.
then a few more this week (at almost 14 months.)

since 11 months charley...

is walking.
eating anything and everything.
reorganizing my once organized end table drawer on an hourly basis.
loves hiding shoes all over the house.
loves hiding everything.
loves turning on the water in our master bathtub, then leaves the room with the water running.
has pretty much moved to one nap a day.
throws embarrassing temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way.
sometimes talking, saying new words, then we don't hear them for another month.
but overall, a true joy to be around.


the line between laughing and screaming 20 minutes before a nap is VERY blurry...

the anatomy of throwing a fit...

my favorite from the bunch...the only one of her really smiling..