Tuesday, May 24, 2011

wedding season

it's here.
i love this time of year.
the flower are in bloom, the trees take on the deepest green, and though it's cliched, love is in the air.

one of my dearest friends got married this past weekend.
it was the perfect wedding.

i'll let these few pictures do the talking....

congrats s&a!

Monday, May 16, 2011

my new shtick

taking pictures of doors.

taking pictures of doors in places that have some kind of meaning to me.

here is my first go.

cazenovia, new york.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

when the cat is gone the mice will play

when fly boy leaves for long periods of time i go into "me mode."  i have a different schedule, different routine, even different priorities.  as i looked at the rather large pile of clean laundry in the laundry basket tonight, i started to think about the crazy/odd/down right weird things i do when fly boy is gone on long missions/deployments.  so just for kicks and giggles, i thought i would start compiling a list of said behaviors when fly boy is gone...

crazy things you i do when your my husband is deployed/gone for long periods of time:

1.  procrastinate doing laundry because there are some of his clothes in the hamper, and you know once you wash them you will only be doing your own laundry for the next however many weeks.

2.  leave said clean laundry in the laundry basket and not fold it for days because after you fold this laundry you will only be folding your own laundry for however long.  (this may or may not leave so many wrinkles in the clothes that you have to either iron your running shorts or wash them again.  you choose wash again because fly boy is the one who does most the ironing in the house.)

3.  leave all ironing in a pile in the closet for when fly boy returns.  also, avoid wearing anything that requires ironing because then you will just be reminded that fly boy is gone and the ironing is piling up.

4.  eat edy's slow churned cookie dough icecream for dinner. (i haven't done this one on this trip, yet.)

5.  let lucy sleep on the bed and try to cuddle with her. (even though she lasts all of five minutes before jumping down and spends the rest of the night sleeping on the bathroom floor.  also, note to self: lucy is not a sufficient cuddling substitute.)

i realize this is not in anyway shape or form an exhaustive list, it is a list in progress.  i will keep adding to it as the next however many weeks go on.

(these may or may not be behaviors i have noticed in the last, cough cough, 24 hours...)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

reason #27

i love my husband.
for many many reasons.
reason #27 is his angry face.

fly boy isn't one to scream or raise his voice.  i call it "fly boy yelling" when he gets upset with me.
he also doesn't get angry very easily.
but apparently when he is trying to re-pot a tree in the rain, and i am obnoxiously taking pictures, he gets angry.

this is his angry face.
i love it.
and i miss it.

fly boy is out in the sandbox for a while, and tonight, on this lazy sunday evening, i find myself missing his angry face and his "fly boy yelling."

if fly boy were to come home right now, he would not walk into a kitchen full of dishes in the sink, unloaded clean dishes in the dishwasher or a laundry basket over over-flowing dirty clothes.  and he certainly would not give me this face.

mind you, i am not racing to get up and fix any of the said messes, but i kind of wish in the next five seconds he would walk through the front door, hug me, see the house and give me "the look."

crazy, i know.
but i miss fly boy.
and tonight, i even miss his angry face.