Tuesday, November 27, 2012

charlotte 9 months

due to the stresses of being a SAHM (stay at home mom) i have come to accept the fact that this blog may only be once a month kind of thing.  i mean, my time is consumed by laundry, cleaning up runny noses (mainly charley's, sometimes lucy's), vacuming, sometimes making dinner, and sometimes folding/putting away laundry.  that leaves little time left to come up with witty posts.  my brother even helped me with this one.

i joke.

but really, maybe i should rename the blog to "monthly pictures of my child."

so here we are, 9 months.  only 3 months of birthday party planning to go.  i have done nothing.  i just keep thinking, "i should start planning charley's birthday party."  and that's as far as i get.  at least i have 90 days to plan.

a lot has happened in the last month!

-charley goes from lying down to sitting up with ease now.
-she is crawling! (started just a few days after her 8 month post, and gets around like a champ now)
-she talks...a lot...and has added a few syllables to her repertoire, including ga, ba, ma, ma-ma (though not directed to me) da, and ya.
-charley continues to assert her independence and temper when she doesn't get what she wants.  i think we have a screamer on our hands.
-she loves to flirt with people in public.  it's a little ridiculous.
-charley waves hello and goodbye to anyone who waves at her.  like i said, she flirts.  somehow she picks out the best looking guy in any given crowd and will wave, smile and giggle at him until he notices her.  if this is any indication of what she will be like as a teenager, i think fly boy is in trouble.
-she loves to pull herself up.  we find her standing in her crib after every nap/sleep.
-EVERYTHING goes in her mouth.  charley is quick to inform me that i need to vacuum when i find her putting pieces of dust/lint/dirt in her mouth.
-she isn't too keen on smiling for the camera, but has started to do this silly smile where she scrunches up her noes.  i love it.
- she loves to mimic you when you play with your lip making noises.  it might be her favorite game, aside from peek-a-boo and airplane with daddy.

happy 9 months charley!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

charlotte 8 months

here we are...8 months.
we are blessed with this one.

gone are the days where charley and i cuddled for hours with her head on my shoulder.
she's a squirming, wanting to crawl, rolling baby girl.
she hasn't quite figured out the art of crawling, though she loves to get up on all fours and rock, then roll to whatever destination she desires.

one of her favorite pastimes is to pull all of the toys out of her toy box.  (i really need to get a picture of it...)  and then watch me put them all back.  this game goes on for hours.

she loves all fruits, but is not a fan of many vegetables (unless of course they are mixed in with lots of fruit.)  baby mum mums are also a favorite.

really, she is a very happy baby.