Thursday, October 24, 2013

meet catherine ann

our sweet kate was born almost a month ago.
i'm just getting around to posting her welcome post.

this is life with two under two.

my procrastination just took a turn for the worse.

it has been a whirlwind of 3.5 weeks.
and i have loved every minute.

kate was born 21 minutes into her due date.  right.on.time.  i have a feeling this punctual little one is going to make her procrastinating mommy be a little more on time.


fly boy was able to skype in for the birth.  it was the next best thing to him actually being there.  (AND he comes home in two weeks!  we cannot wait!)

for now, a few (ahmen, twenty) pictures from the hospital and her first few days at home.  (kate's newborn pics compliments of our sweet friend and photographer kelli campbell are coming soon.)


flyboy skyping in

meeting meme for the first time...

charley adores her little sister


meeting aunt jess & uncle jon...

the girls.

my dear friend sarah played "husband."  talk about earning the gold star of friendship.

meeting the harts

getting ready to go home in the outfit flyboy picked out before he left...

first day at home with meme.

meeting the wernlys