Thursday, June 28, 2012

charlotte 4 months

4 months.
over a quarter of a year old.
even crazier to think that this time last year i was violently sick in the first trimester of pregnancy...
or that two years ago i was in the middle of crazy wedding planning mode.  well, not that crazy.  but semi-crazy wedding planning mode.
and now we have a 4 month old beautiful girl.
God is Good.
  • personality - charley smiles and giggles soo much.  granted she has also reached a new decibel in her screaming, but she is generally a very happy baby.   she "talks" more and more each day, making news sounds and changing the pitch of her voice.  i got very excited when she started making the "da" and  "ya" sounds this boy did not quite share in my over-the-top-enthusiasm, but was still excited.  she definitely recognizes both of us as mommy and daddy now, but still loves to be held by other people.  i've also noticed she rarely throws a tantrum when we are out in public or around other little social butterfly.
  • moving - she has figured out how to roll onto her side, and will rock back and forth from one side to another on her playmat in order to see people around her.  charley still throws a fit during tummy time, but will go for 5-10 minutes doing the "baby push-ups" before she gets frustrated, gives up and screams.  still, it's improvement.  i'm waiting on the grabbing-the-toes-and-sticking-them-in-her-mouth phase to begin...she's very close!
  • clothes - mostly 6 months.  some 6-9 months, some 9 months.  size two diapers.  i still gush over her rolls.
  • daily schedule - knock on wood, she is still my rock-star sleeper.  she generally gets up between 7 and 8:30 am, has a 30 minute nap around 9ish, up to an hour nap around noon, and sometimes another 30 minute nap in the late afternoon...and is ready for bed by 7 on the dot every night.  if we can only someday be so lucky with baby #2.
  • lucy - charley has been more interested in lucy everyday it seems...and lucy is more taken with charley (as evidenced by the series below.)  charley has started to grab at lucy's fur, and lucy just licks.  its adorable.
  • fly boy - i LOVE that charley has a special smile just for fly boy...she smiles, then shyly turns away, then looks back at him and smiles again.  no doubt she is already a daddy's girl.

very taken with her hands....

she does this face a lot...biting her bottom lip and looking off...

we call this series the "drive by lick"
it's pretty common in our house.

i love you more everyday sweet charlotte lee.
you are a true blessing in our life.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

weekend in pictures

i love quiet weekends at home.
though i was a little extremely disappointed that we didn't get to go to a dear friend's wedding this weekend,  thanks to the military and fly boy not being able to get leave for the weekend.
but we did get to relax a bit.

i can't get enough of charley's sweet smile...
she can't get enough of the exersaucer our friends are letting us borrow.

Friday, June 8, 2012

bed time

yesterday, charley had been fussy all afternoon.
she was all set for an early bedtime...
when she woke up and was ready to play.

naturally i saw this as an opportunity to take more pictures of her...

then she got tired and cranky...

and we were done.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

thursday letters

dear wanna-be-perfect-carey,
you don't exist.  please stop trying.  get over yourself, and start being real-carey.  real-carey can have a messy house, doesn't have to make the bed every morning, can NOT feel guilty for skipping your morning jog and does NOT have to have picture perfect photos every time.  (this means you can stop detagging yourself in pictures you deem make you look fat or don't get your "good-side."  they're real.  you'll appreciate them one day.)
ok, maybe you do have to make the bed, but everything else you can let go.

dear future-carey,
please continue to remind present-day-carey that wanna-be-perfect-carey is only a figment of her imagination.  thanks.

dear house,
could you magically clean yourself?  nine days of guests has done a number on you, and i would much rather take a nap than clean.  i would however, like to wake up to everything (especially the bathrooms) being clean.
ps: if you could help fold the laundry, that would be great too.

dear silly summer tv shows,
you are a waste of time.  i refuse to get sucked in this summer. 
except maybe top chef.
but that's all!

dear lucy,
you stress me out when you don't eat your breakfast.  i freak out and think that you have stomach cancer or something ridiculous like that.  just eat your food please.

dear florida humidity,
i don't think you need to stick around for the next three months. you make me sweat, and wanna-be-perfect-carey does not think the rings around my armpits are very flattering.

dear air force,
thank you for sending us to florida.  i love getting to see fly boy more often.  and i LOVE mornings like this...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

catching up of sorts

since charley's 3 month "birthday," we have had an exciting few weeks...
i'll let the pictures do most the talking.

fly boy came home from alabama.
i'm not sure who was more excited to see him, me or lucy.
probably lucy.

family started to pour in for charley's baptism..

we had dinner at the beach with both fly boy's and my family...

charlotte was baptized...

please ignore the wubbaplug in every was the only thing that kept her from screaming.
we have a love hate relationship with the plug.

with cousin olivia...charley was exhausted and cranky.

we hosted a brunch with the families and friends after the ceremony...

 charlotte and her godparents, jon & jess...

today, little miss charlotte went through 5, count 'em, FIVE outfit changes.
thank you for keeping me busy today, charley.  i had hoped to be some kind of productive today, like cleaning the house or something...
instead i changed your clothes.
(but loved every minute of it.)

charley seems to have recovered from all the excitement of the weekend already.
lucy is ready for more people to come play with her.
i'm still catching up on sleep.